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Clinical Practice Guideline Information Center is established at January, 2008 with clinical specialists' voluntary and active efforts to develop, apply, and improve the Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs).

It is administered by Clinical Practice Guideline Committee under Korean Academy of Medical Sciences (KAMS), pursuant to the regulation of KAMS Guideline Administration Committee.

KAMS and about 180 of its professional societies are in charge of the center's technical supports, and Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs (MIHWAF) is in charge of the financial supports.

Activities of Korean Medical Guideline Information Center
  • 1. Introduce how to develop evidence-based guidelines including de novo and adaptation process
  • 2. Introduce how to assess quality of CPGs using AGREE II
  • 3. Support ‘Web-based Quality Evaluation Program of Korean CPGs’ by KAMS
  • 4. Web-based dissemination and monitoring of Korean CPGs
    (Full version, Quick version of recommendations, Summary leaflet, Checklist)
  • 5. Advertize and disseminate for patient and public guidance
  • 6. Provide information related to CPGs such as domestic and international conference programs (G-I-N,Cochrane) by Webzine
  • 7. Introduce and support activities of Research Agency for Clinical Practice Guidelines, KAMS
    • ㆍProvide workshops for CPGs developers and/or end-users
    • ㆍSupport development of the evidence-based guidelines
    • ㆍDevelop and apply a Korean adaptation process
    • ㆍDevelop and apply a modified-GRADE system
    • ㆍEvaluate the quality of CPGs and issue certification for the high quality CPGs
    • ㆍEducate and appoint the qualified appraiser members
    • ㆍPerform nationwide implementation survey

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